This water tastes better than any other water I’ve tasted. I don’t want any other. It’s clean and refreshing!
— Maggie Opperman - Topeka


Since I've been drinking Straight Water, my skin has cleared up. People who come over ask me where I get my water and I tell them, Straight Water! 

Denise Scott - Topeka

Straight Water is a lot more convenient and friendlier that other places I’ve gone for purified water.
— Rebecca Martin -Topeka

"This place is awesome! I believe in supporting Christian businesses."

Dan Halbett - Topeka


"I've been coming here for years.  Love the water!  Love the people!  Wouldn't go anywhere else."

Greg Cohen - Topeka

We drive from North Topeka just to get Straight Water. We LOVE this water. We keep coming back.
— Patti & Michael Lebans - Topeka

If there's water in Heaven, it'll be from Straight Water!

-Tim Hersh- Topeka

I’ve used my H2O filtered shower head for 4 or 5 years. I can really tell the difference. My skin is softer and not as dry.
— Bonnie - Topeka
This is the best Water in the country! I can’t wait to get back to Topeka, just to be able to drink Straight Water.
— Melinda Donovan - Boston
This is my first time back. Straight Water is delicious! It really helps us drink more water.
— Christi Peterson - Topeka

"Straight Water is really good. There's no better!  My kids get after me if I run out!"

Eva Curtis - Topeka


"We moved here from Denver 11 years ago and found the water quality here was very harsh from the clear waters of Colorado. We have been customers of Straight Water from the very beginning.  It is a staple in our home and the grand-kids love the dispenser for our convenience of hot and cold water. Great business, great family and great service." James & Christina Andrews - Topeka

"You know, really, what I like about Straight Water is not only the quality of water, it's the general friendliness of the family that runs the business.  When you come here you can expect to be treated warmly and expect others who come here to be treated the same way.  When I pull up in front of Straight Water I know before I leave I'll have a smile on my face. One more thing; Glenn & Sandra and their sons are truly people who love God & their neighbors."     Barry Feaker - Topeka