Straight Water carries many attractive full size porcelain water crocks for dispensing your favorite water. These beautiful crocks will surely add a unique decor to your home or office.

Keep your floor dry with these handy drip trays. They fit perfectly underneath the large crocks and come in several different colors. Made specifically for our 30" wood stands. 

WATER CROCKS Large porcelain water crocks hold 2 & 1/2 gallons and are strong enough to hold a 3,4 or 5 gallon water bottle.

crock lids.jpg

Fits on all of our large water crocks. Made from high quality porcelain. Lead-free. Use instead of a bottle for an attractive, compact appearance in any space.

WOOD & METAL STANDS                                                                            Made to support your crock, Straight Water carries a selection of strong and beautiful solid oak and metal stands. We have different styles of floor stands that include metal supports to hold extra bottles neatly underneath your crock or if you just like the look of all wood, we have those that are 30" tall and come in natural as well as white, black and cherry. We also sell counter stands that have adjustable feet. These easily supports a dispenser and a full 5 gallon bottle.


COUNTER STANDS        These wood counter stands are 8" and come in black, white, natural and green.


MINI CROCK GIFT SETS                                                                                       These 1/2 gallon size porcelain mini crocks make wonderful gifts.  Each crock comes with a half gallon bottle, sturdy wood stand and a matching mug.  Perfect for a desk or nightstand!