100 Gallon Club Card

Want to save some money?  Join our '100 Gallon Club' today and get the water that you've come to love at a great discount! These value cards are easy to use, never expire and last as long as it takes for you to go through 100 gallons of water. How great is that?  Here's some benefits of getting a club card: 

  • Enjoy a 6 cents per gallon discount

  • Easy and convenient

  • Faster check out

  • 100 Gallon Clubs Cards never expires

Referral Card                                                                                           

Get 25 gallons of Straight Water totally FREE when you send us a new customer and they purchase a '100 Gallon Club Card'.  There's no limit on how many referral cards you can earn, so send in as many friends and family that you want.  If they've never bought water from us before and they purchase a '100 Gallon Club Card', you'll be rollin' down the river with 25 free gallons of Straight Water!

First fill FREE on any bottle purchased from Straight Water                 

When you purchase a new water bottle from Straight Water, the first fill is always on us!  Almost all of our bottles are made here in the USA (excluding specialty bottles like sports bottles and stainless steel)  and are top quality.  We carry many sizes and shapes, cool neon colored bottles and ones with dispensing valves.  So, whatever your needs are, we should have something that will fit!

Oasis 'mirage' bottom load model


FREE '100 Gallon Club Card' with any cooler purchase! $39 value                   

When you purchase a water cooler from Straight Water we automatically give you one of our '100 Gallon Club Cards' to use at your convenience. That's a $39 value along with a great cooler you are sure to love!