It's All in the Process!

We start with municipal water, and although city water meets EPA standards, we all know there are chemicals and contaminants left in the water that most of us would rather not consume.  For this reason Straight Water utilizes one of the finest and most complete water purification system available on the market. Our industrial grade reverse osmosis water purification system is currently used around the world, answering the call for healthy drinking water.

What makes our system so unique is that you can come in and watch the process right before your eyes while your filling up your bottles.  Ask for a tour.  Ask questions!  We love to talk water and we do our best to stay  informed so that we can pass on current information to you.  It is important to us that our customers are assured that they are getting the purest, freshest water available as well as the type of personal service that puts people first.

Check Out Our 12 Step Process Below.  

You'll see how this system removes virtually every hint of city added chemicals, toxins, pesticides, fowl odors & tastes and leaves only pure water that is remarkably clean, healthy and refreshing.


What about Ozone?


To begin with, ozone is a very powerful disinfectant.  It will kill bacteria and microorganisms on contact and it doesn't have any harmful side effects like chemical disinfectants do.  Ozone will breakdown into pure oxygen in a matter of hours.  Ozone gives the water a longer shelf life and gives it a fresh, crisp flavor.

Ozone is used on our bottle rinse to sanitize the inside of your bottles as well as in our purification process. 

It's fast and easy and it's free!  Just give your bottles a quick rinse in our bottle rinse station and then you're ready to fill them up with our superior quality drinking water.

Now you can have access to Straight Water 24/7. Located on the south side of the store.