In case your wondering, here's some commonly asked questions and the answers.

What is the difference between Straight Water and other water purification companies?

We're glad you asked that!  There are things that set Straight Water apart from other water delivery/water purification companies.

  • We are unique because we are the only self serve/full service retail water store in the area.
  • You can come into the store and actually see the purification process right before your eyes while filling up your bottles.
  • We provide the finest, highest quality, purified drinking water at a much lower price than delivered bottled water.
  • We are a small, family run business which allows us to know each of our customers and meet their needs on an individual basis.

Where does Straight Water come from?

Our source comes from the city of Topeka which is an already approved source of drinking water. Then we purify it to remove any contaminants that are left in the water.   Click here to view details about our process.

Do you add minerals to your water?

No. Adding minerals back into the water affects the taste of the water.

Does Straight Water have fluoride?

No. This element is removed in our process.

What is the PH of Straight Water?

Generally Straight Water's PH is in the range of 7.5 to 7.8.  Drinking water should be in the range of 6.0 to 8.5 with 7.0 being the absolute, neutral balance.

Can I refill my bottles or do they have to be Straight Water bottles?

Yes, you can refill any water bottle you may have.  We're not sensitive!

How can I dispense Straight Water at home?

We offer many options for dispensing your water including 2, 3 & 5 gallon bottles with valves to beautiful porcelain crocks, to Oasis water coolers with hot water dispensing options.

Should I sanitize my bottles before I fill them?

That's always a good idea!  And to make it convenient for you we have an Ozone Bottle Rinse that is a high-quality bottle rinsing and sanitizing station that uses ozone injected pure water to rinse and sanitize bottles prior to filling. It offers a very user friendly process for sanitizing and rinsing bottles in an efficient and effective method. Water bottles often become extremely contaminated while sitting after use, and the Ozone Bottle Rinse sanitizing machine is made to remove this contamination prior to filling bottles. Contaminated bottles are can be very dangerous to drink from due to the various types of bacteria that can grow in hot humid conditions such as in water bottles. Putting purified water in a contaminated water bottle defeats the purpose of using purified water, and therefore it is essential to sanitize and rinse bottles for drinking water. And best of's FREE to use!

My bottles are really heavy after I fill them.  Is there an easy way to get them to my car?

Yes!  We know how heavy those bottles can get after you fill them up.  Water weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon so that makes your 5 gallon bottle weigh in at 41.7 lbs.  There's no way to make them lighter, but we do have heavy duty carts that you can roll out to your car. We have store front parking as well and many of our customers just back in which makes it super easy to load. And, if you ever need help we are always happy to load them for you.  Just ask!

What if I run out of Straight Water and you're closed?

Not a problem!  Straight Water is available 24/7 via our outside water refill station located on the south side of our store.  It takes dollar bills and/or coins and can fill just about any size of bottle including 5,4,3,2 and 1 gallon. It even has a pause button so if you need to fill two half gallons, just press the one gallon button and pause it in between the two halves.

Do you deliver?

Nope. Straight Water is set up as a self serve/full service purified water store that offers a premium product at a ridiculously low price. Homeowners as well as businesses can actually save hundreds of dollars by filling up their own bottles. Our customers love the savings verses the expense of delivered water.

Do you sell purified ice?

Yes! Straight Water comes in freezer form and sold in 8lb bags of half cube size of the best eatn' ice around!

I know Straight Water is already affordable, but do you ever offer any specials?

Yes we do!  We sell what we call a '100 Gallon Club Card' for $39.  This is a prepaid card for 100 gallons of Straight Water. This card gives you a 6 cent discount on every gallon of water.  These cards are great for businesses as well as home and make getting water quick and convenient. Plus they never expire.